Saturday, June 02, 2007

Teacher Goody Bags:

Eight of these were assembled for Ryan's teachers and therapists:

Joke found them remaindered at Pottery Barn, and then put me in touch with a store that had what I needed. They were a HUGE HIT! I loaded the containers with travel sized Bath & Body Works stuff, plus some Aveda hand lotion and shower gel. I cello wrapped them, and then stuck chopsticks in the ribbon. The chopsticks have sentiments printed on them.

Six of these were assembled for Parker's teachers:

The bags hold about the same things as Ryan's, and a Starbucks coffee card - Parker's teachers are all coffee fiends.

The only picture that turned out from Parker's Kindergarten circus presentation:

A photo of Ryan, seated in the Peanut Gallery, towering over his peer group. Ah, but he's a Gentle Giant...


Caro said...

If I were to go to school to be a teacher, I would want to teach one of your boys. Those are some seriously nice gifts.

nutmeg said...

What a lovely thing to do for your boys' teachers!

Ahhhhh. Exhale! You made to the summer vacation. When does a little "me time" start? I'd love to know what's in your to be read pile!

My float said...

Hee, hee, how cute are those boys.

What wonderful gifts for the teachers and therapists, you are very thoughtful and they look beautiful.

Anonymous said...

ohmigod, you are a saint. my kids' teachers got mason jars (clean, wrapped in ribbon) full of homemade rosemary walnuts.

- babelbabe

daysgoby said...

C'mon, give! How did they like them?

sueeeus said...

Wow, those are fabulous. You are so thoughtful!