Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ANAGRAM your name - aw, come on!

My full name (well, excluding all those names I was bestowed by the Catholic Faith for promising to be Jesus' ForEvah) anagrams out to:

'I'm fair, rare maverick menace.'

Which, well, Duh - if you know me at all.

Were I to use my husband's surname, you ask?

"Feminine, Verbal Crack."

Try it!


daysgoby said...

maiden name:
'Painless jar deviancy.

full name:
'Jail penis envy as sad craven.'

I LOVE THIS! And now I know what to put our telephone listing under....

My float said...

"feminine verbal crack"? You just about made me wet my pants!!

Lazy cow said...

maiden name: Licorice tart (I LOVE this!)
married name: tolerant gutter (hmmm)

Caro said...

I did my maiden name. My married name came out boring.

Brazen filch lazy lout

So there it is. That's me!