Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sterling Sayings from Small Fry:

1. "Don't put that spitty finger on me! I'm 6 and 1/2 for gosh sake!"

2. "I have to do EVERYTHING around here!"

3. "How about DEAD APPLES?!" (instead of 'dem apples' which I had said to him about a half hour earlier). Glad I corrected that one. Parker is always sharing my jargon with his mates, I'm sure to their parents' chagrin.

4. "GEEEEEEESUS!" when I braked extremely hard to avoid a schmuck who whipped in front of us. I guess I'm yelping 'JAYSUS!' a bit too much when I drive.

5. "Mommy, what's Douchebag?!" After a similar incident, not too long ago.

6. "Mom, this is really Icky. Does Ryan have to eat it?" I felt like saying "No, but YOU DO."

7. "We are only little fellows, you know. You are being grouchy and we just CAN'T HELP IT, OKAY?!"

8. "The water just JUMPED OUT of the bathtub!"

There are a million more. These are the keepers of the month.


Caro said...


I think number seven is my very favorite.

The dousche bag comment is a great one too.

Actually I liked them all, but those were my favorites ones.

daysgoby said...

Oh, no, they grow out of Mom-spit???

But that cleans everything!

My float said...

The water seems to just jump out of the bathtub here, too!

It's a great idea to record what kids say, especially when they start speaking "adult" even if they're 6 and a 1/2 for gosh sake!

paula said...

I love the spitty finger one!