Saturday, July 19, 2008

Questions of a Ponderous Nature:

1) Why, tell me WHY, does my husband feel the need to reload the dishwasher for an hour, thereby fitting in every last sliver of a dish? Hmmmmmmmmm? He could hand wash those suckers that don't fit in the load in about 7 minutes. Seriously.
2) Why do my sons' bladders never need emptying in the nice, CLEAN, comfy confines of our abode, but the minute we're 10 minutes away, suddenly the wee-wee situation is an emergency?
3) I can be 2 floors away and turn on the computer (laptop). Suddenly, I am wearing 2 children! How do they know? The sound is turned off - are they astonished by the silence of me not doing anything? (One suddenly appeared just now. I'm 2 floors away, and the boys were playing a game! I rest my case.) (Oh and the bonus round! Here's the other one!) (Oh gees, they just came back, bearing CHOCOLATE! Lindt Dark, Chili. They win.)
4) Why is it the ONLY load that I need to be wrinkle-free out of the dryer, gets forgotten and left to hopelessly and seemingly permanently wrinkle? Thank God for the steam feature on the washer. Which adds another half an hour to the out-the-door looking decent scenario.
5) Why do I bother buying white shirts? Why?
6. Why does a 12-cup coffee maker seem to offer up 4 servings? Who drinks a thimble sized cup of coffee?!
7. How did our sons get so old and big? They were just little boys.
8. How does one decide the pros outweigh the cons of getting another dog?


Sarah O. said...

1. I'm with Mr.Lania on this one. Wash anything by hand? How 20th century!

2. This is a question for the ages.

3. Computer time or chocolate? CHOCOLATE WINS!

4. I feel your pain. The steam cycle needs to be shortened to 30 seconds for me to feel properly like Jane Jetson.

5. I buy ONLY white shirts to this day because they can take chlorine bleach. Perhaps you've noticed my predictable wardrobe?

6. I've wondered the same thing. To me, a cup of coffee is actually a cup, 8 ounces.

7. They still look little to me! But then I have to look up to match eyeballs with mine.

8. Ho boy. Follow your heart. Then say YES and get a small one you can take with you so you're not continually stuck at home for six months.

Stomper Girl said...

Men. Machines. Tinkering.

'Nuff said.

sueeeus said...

At least he's doing the dishes at all!

Caro said...

You're getting another dog?

My daughter used to hear the sound of me stealthily unwrapping a candy bar and come running.

Caro said...

I haven't purchased white in years BTW. If the kids don't stain it, I do.

Totally with you on the coffee maker!

myfloat said...

Very funny.

Children have a sixth sense - they just KNOW when you're about to do something that's not about them!! If I start reading, my son takes that as an indication that I'm hugely bored and MUST be entertained (usually by him jumping on my stomach) immediately.