Monday, June 02, 2008

Returning with News -

Okay, it's not that big a deal.
Ken finally painted the front door.
finished my closet customization.
Do not faint.
He's been working on the closet since August 07.
The front door only took 2 weeks.


So, I had to post photos of both for the unbelievers.
Hell Hath Frozen Over

Old Door
New Door


Sarah O. said...

Whoa! You're blogging! Hooray!!!

Now I've got to read your previous blog mission statement.

And YES YES YES to lunch!

Sarah Louise said...

haven't been here for ages, so I have no idea if you've been blogging, but I wanted to say thanks for those earrings and that cool blue box you sent me eons ago. And for being a cheerleader early on in my blogging days.



Dani said...

The Jealousy. For the door. It is very very bad. Although it would look kind of silly on my one story Ranch, I'd like to have it anyway! Don't even get me started about the closet.... it's fabulous.

Can you send me some the recipe for whatever you fed your husband so I can try to reenact the miraculous phenomena of 'Finishing A Job' at my house?

Anyhoo... stop by when you get a chance.

(Sarah Louise - You made me proud!)

daysgoby said...

Is he related to the Gallos? You know, 'we will serve no wine before its' time'

I sometimes accuse my husband (who can procrastinate the steps of a job beyond any other earthly person) of that, to which he replies (smugly) 'Yes, but I do lovely work!'

Are the boys out of school yet?

Sarah O. said...

I'm waiting impatiently for another post. Perhaps you could blog about chickens hanging upside down?

Caro said...

I love your closet and your front door and most of all, the pic of your handsome little boy.

I'm always happy to see a blog post from you.

paula said...

Wow! Such a big closet!

Mine are dinky 1960 closets.

sueeeus said...

You have the most organized cupboards, drawers, closets, pantry, fridge, shelves, etc that I have EVER seen. Oh, for such organization in my own home!!!

When you're ready for the corporate world again (ha ha, who ever wants to go back there?), you could be one of those swanky consultants who teach others how to be organized, and charge a fortune for it to boot!!